Blood magic is a form of dark magic, first taught to mortals by demons of the Ynfernael. The art draws power directly from the demon realm and the blood of sacrifices. As it requires blood and a pact with demonic beings, blood magic is outlawed by the Daqan Lords, Dunwarr Dwarves, Latari Elves and many Orc tribes.
Blood sister

A Blood Sister offers a sacrifice to gain the power of blood

With the power of blood, Blood Mages can heal wounds, summon demons and wrack the mind and bodies of their enemies. With demon blood, even more becomes possible. The Loth K'har, under Llovar Rotuno, used blood magic with demon blood to transform their bodies and become the fierce and powerful Uthuk Y'llan.

Blood magic is commonly practised by cultists of Zorek and other Ynfernael gods, Uthuk Y'llan warlocks and Blood Sisters, and demons themselves.