Brother Gherinn

Brother Gherinn

"We must suffer and purge our souls unto life, for the flame shall be our judge."

The priests of Kellos took Gherinn in and gave him shelter. They asked him nothing of the many heinous crimes in his past. But like all members of the Brotherhood, in time he had to face the purifying fire, and all his many transgressions became evident in the form of scars and burns over much of his body. He is a different man, now. He follows a different path, but he cannot forget his past.

Beneath his mask, Brother Gherinn’s face is scarred by the terrible burns inflicted on him by that ritual of purification. He never speaks of the man he was before the fiery ordeal, instead simply claiming that the agony was a small price to pay to gain control over his own dark nature. He now uses his mastery of divine energies to heal those in need and vanquish the wicked, hoping to wash away the crimes of his past. By claiming the Crown of Destiny, Brother Gherinn may finally find true redemption.

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