Demons are hellish beings from the Ynfernael plane.



Immensely powerful, demons have been entering the mortal realm through rifts opened by Daewyl elves ever since the War of the Shadow Tear.[1] Flames surround the hulking body of a demon, and the strongest demons, referred to as Demon Lords, are able to overcome their opponents with sheer terror and dread.[2]

Demons called Ynfernael Hulks are a particularly fast and powerful breed. They aid their manipulative kin called Changelings, who are able to take the form of innocent civilians.[3] It is believed that Hellhounds also travel to the mortal realm from the Ynfernael.[4]

Notable demonsEdit

  • Ghira — Guardian of the Touch of Death, a rune that gives its wielder the power to kill with a single touch. The lich Glim convinced a group of adventurers to obtain the Touch of Death which led them to Ghira, and when the demon was overpowered, he fled and hoped that the adventurers would destroy the weapon before it fell into the wrong hands.[5]
  • Mizrael — A powerful demon who could only be killed by the legendary Soulbiter sword.[6]
  • Styg — A black-skinned demon who resided in the Cathedral of Nordros. He sought to bring about the end of the world with ice rather than fire.[7]


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