The Fae are mysterious, primordial creatures that reside in the Aenlong. Wild and hostile, these beings are rarely seen, and few know anything about them other than their existence.



Unlike their distant cousins the Dimora, the Fae are most at home in the sky. The Fae use their wings to flit across the sky with reckless abandon. Their true forms are utterly terrifying, and a mortal eye cannot process their actual appearances. They are most often thought of to have distorted nostrils, razor-sharp teeth, and horns resembling antlers that jut at unpredictable angles from their skulls. They are also able to see despite having no apparent eyes.

The Fae wield incredibly powerful chaos magic. Mortals often seek out the Fae in places where the veil between worlds is thought to be thin, such as the Greywood, in search of promises of power. Others attempt to hunt the Fae in order to use their organs to make tinctures and potions.[1]

One known Fae is Zyla[2], an adventurer with a cheerful disposition that masks a lethal disregard for human life. She has traveled through the mortal realm for centuries, flying to wherever her desires take her.[3]


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