Lady Eliza Farrow.

Lady Eliza Farrow is the wife of Lord Merick Farrow and sister-in-law of Sir Alric Farrow.[1] Prior to her marriage, she was Lady Eliza Cathori of Saradyn.[2] Under unknown circumstances, she became a vampire over 30 years ago. Since then, she has spent her life devoted to restoring her kingdom. For many years, she lived south of Dawnsmoor, in a settlement full of her own slaves. As a vampire, she has immense strength and magical abilities, including telepathic manipulation.

Several years ago, Eliza set her sight on Lord Merick Farrow, a young and impressionable noble from Tamalir. After Merick's brother Sir Alric was slain in battle with a pack of beastmen, Eliza convinced Merick she would help him bring Sir Alric back from the dead. Merick and Eliza were wed one month after Sir Alric's death, and vanished from the public eye. After many years, the necromancer Vorakesh rose to power, and Eliza and Merick allied themselves with the madman. With Vorakesh's book and the aid from the Lords of Oru'khan, the pair found the answer to resurrecting Sir Alric.

For a time, Eliza, along with Merick and Alric, aided Baron Zachareth in his quest for the Shadow Rune.[3]

Soon after, Eliza returned to Saradyn and killed her sister Ketyana and any remaining relatives in order to claim the kingdom as her own. However, the magical scroll would not break, revealing that Ketyana had a child unknown to Eliza.[4]


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