Laurel of Bloodwood

Laurel of Bloodwood

"No matter what you hear, it was our bows that gave my home its name, not the autumn winds."

It was Laurel’s ancestors, the Latari Clan of Bloodwood, that soaked the barren plains of Di’zon with the blood of 10,000 Loth K'har invaders. Returning the following morning, the elven defenders found saplings as red as scarlet had sprung up, covering the entire expanse.

"Herald and reaper, my arrow calls your name; answer with silence and blood."

Trained from a young age in the art of war, Laurel approaches every challenge with a tactician's mind and a warrior's resolve. Even so, she did not desire the life of a soldier. Much to the displeasure of her Elders, she left the Bloodwood Clan as soon as her years of service were fulfilled to travel the world in search of some meaningful cause to which she can devote her exceptional skills.

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