Mahkim are a reptilian humanoid race native to the continent of Zanaga.



The Mahkim are a four-armed race indigenous to Zanaga, and are considered to be the inheritors of the Lizardman empire. They are notable for the healing properties of their eggs. Adventurers often attempt to steal Mahkim eggs as they fetch a high price in the ports of Terrinoth and Al-Kalim. As such, the Mahkim are fiercely protective of their nests.

The Mahkim's greatest enemy on Zanaga are the Nagas, as the two races have fought for domination of the land. The largest Mahkim village resides on the back of the massive crocodile Ravin. They worship the beast as a god, and they are constantly feeding his voracious appetite.[1]

One in a thousand Mahkim is spawned as a Great One, which is far larger than a standard Mahkim. These Mahkim are considered to have been chosen by the primal gods.[2]


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