Nagas are serpentine creatures with powerful magical abilities.



There are two types of nagas known throughout Mennara. The first is found throughout Terrinoth. These nagas are large serpents with faces vaguely resembling a human's. Powerful with both spells and physical attacks, nagas are often leaders of other monstrous races they consider inferior.[1] The glistening scales of a naga give it some protection while it constricts its prey and drags them into darkness. Nagas are particularly drawn to magical knowledge.[2]

The second type of naga is found primarily on the continent of Zanaga. These nagas are more humanoid in shape, complete with two arms, but with the head and tail of a snake. The nagas of Zanaga are the ancient enemies of lizardmen and seek out ways to exterminate their hated cousins. Similar to their Terrinoth counterparts, these nagas are incredibly intelligent, and use their cunning to manipulate others to do their bidding. Priestesses rule over the naga cults with powerful magic bestowed upon them by their primal serpent god, Set.[3]

Notable nagasEdit

  • Kisst-Haa — Leader of a naga tribe living in the fabled Grotto of Wisdom. She guards a fossilized tree filled with golden apples, giving her the ability to encase herself in a crystalline material. She and her tribe test the wits of trespassers with riddles, though they kill anyone who passes their test regardless.[4]
  • Lamia — A naga who resides in a small cave filled with poisonous vipers.[5]
  • Set — The Zanagan god of deception. Worshiped by the nagas of Zanaga, Set is believed to be the very first of their kind.


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