Although neither as famous nor as well-respected as Greyhaven, Nerekhall nonetheless represents a significant source of magical lore. However, where Greyhaven skirts the darker edges of magic, the wizards of Nerekhall plunge straight in, sometimes with unfortunate results. There are rumours that some members of the nobility in Nerekhall are necromancers or even vampires. The city guard of Nerekhall are the Ironbound, magical iron constructs controlled by the city's Chief Artificer (Currently Rylan Olliven).


History Edit

To even the most educated minds, the dangers in the practice of forbidden magic have not always outweighed the allure. In the darkest corners of the free city of Nerekhall, many such doomed scholars could not resist the urge to push the boundaries of mystic knowledge. Before the demonic uprising unleashed by the powerful mage Gargan Mirklace, the majority of these attempts ended in the brutal failure and demise of those involved.

What was once considered a mild annoyance, a clean-up of the scattered remains of foolish novices, became a plague of devastation across Terrinoth. Mirklace opened a doorway into the Black Realm, a plane of existence beyond the known world, within the Aenlong but edging very near to the Ynfernael. Countless hideous creatures spilled out of these rifts, and only the desperate efforts of the baronies and free cities allowed this madness to be contained.

Nerekhall Ironbound Guard

Nerekhall Ironbound Guard

Repairing the damage from this incident took years, and many officials across the baronies expressed no shortage of fury toward the city that spawned it. In efforts to avoid any such situation again, a proposition filtered upward. It claimed that grinding the half- ruined remains of Nerekhall to dust and sealing off its lands for all eternity would be the best solution. Though extreme, the proposal gained significant traction. Only by a single vote did the Council of Thirteen decide that Nerekhall would be spared, rebuilt, and watched very closely.

Though Nerekhall survived, and though its behavior over several dozen years has been nothing short of impeccable, there are few in the realm who will forget what sprang forth from the cursed halls and wicked minds in the hidden corners of the city.

It is important to note that the body of Gargan Mirklace was never recovered.   

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