Necromancers command the dark arts to reanimate the bones of the dead. The resulting Reanimates are formiddable minions. Whenerver a Reanimate is slain, their master may simply raise them again, making their onslaught near unstoppable. Many foolish adventurers and soldiers have sealed their fate with misconception that these undying legions are mindless puppets controlled by a remote master. Though masked with a lifeless expression, a reanimate’s otherwise hollow skull contains hundreds of years of training, experience, and bloodlust. 

In the front lines of Waiqar's army are those soldiers who have served in it the longest, deathless and insatiable souls eager for war. Most of the Betrayer's reanimate army is made up by those soldiers who were cursed on the Night of Betrayal. When one of these cursed men die, their soul is returned to their body by a Necromancer so that they can continue the fight. Hordes of armoured, skeletal Reanimates spearhead the Undead invasion. The strength of these footsoldiers is in thier numbers and the fact that they are virtually indestructable. 

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