Shades are evil spirits that seek to kill all living creatures.



There is debate on how exactly shades are created: some believe them to be constructs of necromantic magic, while others believe these are lost souls unable to find peace. But one thing is certain: Shades despise the living. Their wails and cries suggest layers of envy, but shades will always attempt to snuff out life.[1]

Most shades roam Terrinoth aimlessly, but if they can find a source of dark power, these spirits can become deadly adversaries.[2]

Notable shadesEdit

  • Aria — A female shade who has made her home in a secret garden in the north. Her mournful song is deadly to hear.[3]
  • The Legionnaire — A shade that commands several other shades in battle. He claims to fight for the honor of the “Elder Kings.”[4]
  • Priestesses of Nordros — Twin priestesses of Nordros whose spirits could not rest. They planned to plunge Mennara into an unending winter until scholars and mages at Greyhaven took note and sent adventurers to free their souls.[5]
  • Shiver — A shade that had overcome his evil impulses and instead roamed the frozen north to help those in danger.


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