Sirens are monstrous creatures found primarily in Lorimor and the Torue Albes.


Sirens are twisted combinations of human women and birds. They use their hypnotic voices to lure sailors to the shore. Those who survive the shipwrecks become prey for the sirens, helpless to defend themselves from the cannibalistic creatures. These sirens are intelligent, but primal and completely without culture or mercy. They are also spiteful yet opportunistic, and often flee from their victims should they put up enough resistance.[1]

A mysterious creature calling herself a siren haunted the Torue Albes. While she had a hypnotic voice able to mesmerize her opponents, she lacked avian features normally found in sirens. Those slain by this particular siren commanded a host of skeletal companions.[2]

Certain blood witches of the Uthuk Y'llan are called "psychosis sirens" for their ability to telepathically assault their opponents.[3]


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