"I am a daughter of darkness and a companion of chaos; fate has forgotten my name."

When the Cult of the Forgotten was first born, nine of Terrinoth’s most talented and experienced assassins were given the task of infiltrating the cult of the Forgotten and slaying its leader. Within a month, all but Tetherys had been rooted out and killed. For thirteen years, she devoted herself to the cult and its practices, working her way higher in the ranks. Few believed it was truly her when she reemerged, but the cult splintered and died within days. After, Tetherys wandered the world, but the cult’s resurrection gives her the challenge of ending its threat forever.

"Sometimes even I don't know just where I will strike next."

Her time in the cult has made the elf assassin reclusive and perhaps more bloodthirsty. She is easily angered, and unrelenting in battle. Her merciless and ruthless tactics have earned her a reputation of efficiency but also of questionable methods.