Viscount Torvic

Viscount Torvic

"To His Excellency Viscount Torvic of Bilehall, 
Your presence before the Council is again requested with the utmost urgency, where you are to answer the charges made against you. The Council finds your refusal to admit its most recent envoy most unsettling, and the High Lords of Daqan would respectfully remind you of your sacred oath. Should you continue to ignore the summons of the Council, you will leave us with little choice but to seek an immediate diplomatic remedy."
- an unanswered letter to Bilehall

Tempted by the Betrayer's offer of power and immortality, Viscount Torvic of Bilehall threw in with Waiqar the Undying in the Runewars. His first action as a pawn of Waiqar was to slaughter the elves of Summersong in what is now known as the massacre of Summersong. This massacre led the Latari to believe the Daqan Lords had betrayed them, resulting in Latari raids on Daqan settlements. In retaliation to the raids the Council of Thirteen declared war on the Aymhelin, thus dividing Waiqar's enemies. As a reward for his loyalty, Torvic received vampirism from his new master in Zorgas.

After Torvic ignored the requests of the Council to explain his attack on the Latari, he was captured by Sir Caras. He later escaped by turning into a bat.

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