Common folk say that wendigos move on the winter wind, and only breaths of icy air ever betray their presence. Wendigos are lanky, white-furred monstrosities with long limbs and nightmarishly large mouths filled with razor-sharp teeth. Wiry and fast, they can scramble across even the slickest surfaces, and cling to walls and ceilings underground. This, combined with their silent, stalking gait, makes them extremely difficult to see coming. Young wendigos have a pink coloring to their mouth and tongue, which becomes a deep purple color the older and larger a wendigo grows.

A deep, unnatural cold emanates from the body of a wendigo. The chill from some of these monsters’ bodies is so powerful that they have been known to freeze a man to death rather than ripping him apart with their razor-edged teeth. This frosty aura, combined with unnatural stealth and unmatchable ferocity, makes them the fiercest of mountain predators.