Wraiths are spirits so powerful that they do not need corporeal form in order to fight. How exactly a Wraith comes into being is unknown, though the cruel deaths that the Undead inflict on their victims have a tendency to create these foul spirits. Lacking bodies, Wraiths are challenging for enemies to fight without using magic; Only the most strong willed can inflict physical harm on these ethereal spirits without casting spells. Wraiths have also been known to take possession of mortal forms by force.


The malevolent spectres spread fear and despair wherever they move, freezing body and soul with their ghostly touch. At the sight of a wraith emerging from its crypt, even the bravest turn and flee. If it’s not the spirit’s looks that cause such dread, it’s fear of their call. To hear the summon of the wraith is to invite death and submit your fate to its malevolent will. The aura of doom that permeates a house that hosts a family of wraiths is more than sufficient to deter all but the most foolish of adventurers.